How it works

If you sign up as a volunteer in your area you can then login and download leaflets to give to users with the same postcode as yours. This leaflet has a code on it which allows us to access the person in need of help’s postcode. Once the helper calls our help number they are asked to insert this code after that they are asked what type of help is needed and then we notify people nearby via a text message.

(please note when signing up we will require a form of photo ID or a bill to verify you live in the area.) 

If you are a helper you can define the radius you wish to help, the help you are available for along with setting an online or offline status.

As a helper you also have access to view all calls which are needed to be made at no point will you be able to see any personal information about the person who needs help, but you can initiate a call to this person by clicking a call button a call will then go to your phone number inserted at the time of registration once answered the person who needs helps phone will be added to the call.

Once you have finished the call you are asked questions about the outcode so we can update this information.